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Sweetbird Syrup Pump 7.5ml

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We’ve used the juice of real peaches so you can add a drop of sunshine to your drinks. Add to a vanilla bean frappé for a vegan-friendly peaches & cream or to a yogurt frappé decorated with granola for a breakfast frappé.

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Sweetbird Syrup Pump 7.5ml  lets you flavour your favourite coffee beverages with Sweetbird syrups more easily!

This pump lets you precisely measure the right amount of syrup from any 1-litre capacity Sweetbird syrup bottle.

One press will squeeze out up to 7,5 ml of syrup.

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Vegan Society Information can be found here


Sweetbird is gradually moving all of their syrups to be made at our production plant in Bristol – lookout for ‘Made in Bristol’ on your syrup bottles!

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