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Classic 100% Pure Colombian Arabica Instant Coffee FDC Approved

Classic 100% Pure Colombian Arabica Instant Coffee FDC Approved is a delicious 100% pure Colombian coffee.

Each bag is made entirely from Arabica coffee beans then freeze-dried to capture the full flavours and aromas of a freshly brewed coffee.

This product is approved to be used in all instant hot drinks machines, vending machines or at home. Classic 100% Pure Colombian Arabica Instant Coffee FDC Approved Colombian coffee when made has a distinctively smooth and rich flavour.

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Fresco Arabica Coffee Medium Light Roast 100% Arabica

Fresco Arabica Coffee – Medium Light Roast – 100% Arabica, Gold Star Award Winning Coffee – The Great Taste Awards 2020, Our Fresco blend is a light to medium roast that delivers a perfect cup to start the day. This blend works perfectly with smaller drinks like cortado’s, flat whites, Americanco’s and espresso.

What the judges said:

“Lovely velvety texture to this espresso which has a dry, nutty note coming through. Judges liked the clean, slightly bitter finish and the balanced acidity. A light espresso that would work well for a cortado or flat white”

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Leodis Coffee Coffee Subscription
Leodis Coffee – Coffee Subscription

Leodis Coffee – Coffee Subscription

  • Fancy getting delicious coffee blends delivered to your door without having to constantly re-order?
  • Want the coffee delivered on a frequency that suits you?
  • Want a coffee subscription that you can purchase as a gift for a fixed number of deliveries?
  • Looking for a gift for the person that has everything?

Look no further than our coffee subscriptions from just £5.49 per delivery you can have a delicious coffee delivered straight to your door.

We’ll send 227 grams of one of our delicious coffees, ground as you like it, straight to your door as and when you choose, what could be easier?

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Leodis Coffee Fairtrade Blend
Leodis Coffee – Fairtrade & Organic Blend – Honduras- 100% Arabica
Leodis Coffee – Fairtrade & Organic Blend – Honduras- 100% Arabica
Our delicious Fairtrade coffee comes from a Fairtrade certified coffee farm in Honduras.
A smooth and well-balanced coffee, low in acidity, with some notes of milk chocolate and toasted cereals. This medium roast coffee has a medium / strong strength and is a wonderful allrounder, perfect as an espresso or with milk.
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Leodis Coffee Burundi – Medium Roast – 100% Arabica

Leodis Coffee Burundi – Medium Roast – 100% Arabica – Single Origin Coffee Beans is one of our latest house blends, which is delicious as an espresso, long black, or mixed with milk for lattes and flat whites. A fine Burundi single-origin coffee has a clean, delicate flavour with a rich body and acidity.

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Leodis Coffee Colombian Award Winning Coffee – Medium Roast – 100% Arabica

Our Leodis Coffee Colombiana Arabica Coffee – Medium Roast – 100% Arabica  – Award-winning Coffee. Leodis Coffee Colombiana 100% Arabica Coffee is one of our favourite and most popular house blends. and it’s just won a Gold Star at – The Great Taste Awards 2020.

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Leodis Coffee Decaf 100% Arabica Decaffeinated Coffee

Leodis Coffee – Decaf Arabica Decaffeinated Coffee –  100% Arabica Decaffeinated Coffee. A delicious decaf coffee that can, therefore, be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Our Decaf blend is a medium roast that delivers a rich and well-balanced flavour. A fine Brazilian pure arabica decaffeinated coffee with good balance and moderate acidity. Roasted in a manner so to bring out the fruit, malt and caramel flavours. Due to this, the beans produce a wonderful cup of coffee. Decaffeinated so you can enjoy this coffee whenever it suits you.

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Leodis Coffee Deli Blend Award-Winning Coffee

Leodis Coffee Deli Blend is our best-seller, a deli-licious blend with a thick crema, toffee, and smoky spice flavours, and endless notes of chocolate. With beans from  India, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Our customers love the Deli Blend and now so do the great taste awards. Our Deli Blend was awarded 2 Gold Stars in the Great Taste awards in 2018 and again in 2021.

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Leodis Coffee Italiana Blend
Leodis Coffee Italiana – Italian Style Coffee

Leodis Coffee Italiana Style Coffee blend delivers a strong, punchy, delicious coffee reminiscent of the espresso served in Italian coffee shops.  The blend of Arabica and Robusta Beans delivers a smooth flavour with a full body.

This is a medium-dark caffeine-rich roast and therefore delivers a full-body espresso with a thick rich crema. The notes of light spice and dark chocolate come across well in all types of drink. This full-bodied coffee is great for when you need a bit of a boost. Our experts have perfectly blended with beans from Brazil and Vietnam.

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Leodis Coffee Mexican Single Origin Organic Blend

Leodis Coffee Mexican Single Origin Organic Blend is an Award-Winning Gold Star blend that is a firm favorite of ours with its smooth, bright acidity and chocolate notes. Our Mexican blend is a single origin blend, organic, and is 100% arabica. This blend is a medium-light roast and beautifully balanced from start to finish with bright acidity, deep aroma, and sweet chocolate notes.

Tasting Notes: 

Bright Acidity, deep aromas, and chocolaty notes

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Leodis Coffee Rainbow Range
Leodis Coffee Rainbow Range Set 6x227g

Order the Leodis Coffee Rainbow Range Set 6x227g of our Rainbow coffee range

Include’s all 6 blends of the range in 227g bags. Great for those who can decide or who want to explore different coffee types.

Perfect for a gift or a self-indulgent treat!

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Leodis Coffee Spring Blend
Leodis Coffee Spring Blend
Put a spring in your step and awaken your senses with this big bold and earthy espresso with light nutty undertones. Lovingly roasted and expertly blended beans from Brazil and India, it provides a strong and punchy espresso, great for when you need that extra bit of bounce. This blend works wonderfully in milk-based drinks or on its own in espresso or americano Tasting Notes: Earthy, bold with light nutty undertones
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