Sweetbird Chai Vegan Syrup 1L

Our aromatic syrup combines real cinnamon, cloves and ginger, blended with tea to deliver a warm and mellow sweetness. Just 3 pumps in steamed milk and a soothing chai is ready to serve. Combine two pumps of chai and chilli syrups to steamed milk for a warming alternative to hot chocolate in winter.

  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives
  • Free from high fructose corn syrup
  • Free from GMOs
  • Registered with The Vegan Society
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Sweetbird Mint Vegan Syrup-1L

Cool and crisp, our mint flavour punches through chocolate and milk for a refreshing aftertaste. Mint is the flavour most customers want to see more of on menus, and our syrup contains real mint.  Add this to chocolate frappés, hot chocolate, and even strawberry smoothies.

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Sweetbird Peach Vegan Syrup-1L

We’ve used the juice of real peaches so you can add a drop of sunshine to your drinks. Add to a vanilla bean frappé for a vegan-friendly peaches & cream or to a yogurt frappé decorated with granola for a breakfast frappé.

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Sweetbird Strawberry Vegan Syrup-1L

With juice from succulent strawberries, our syrup packs a deliciously fruity punch that tastes like summer in a cup. Add a berry burst to milkshakes and frappés, or in creamy smooth white hot chocolates.

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