Welcome to Leodis Coffee

Hello and welcome to Leodis Coffee (That feels really good – welcoming you to our coffee company!)

This should be the easy part – we’ve been thinking about doing this for the longest of times and now we have.  Born from over 10 years of experience of working in this industry, we’ve started our own company. 

An awakening came from a real love of coffee and from what feels like a little bit of bravery too! If you’re reading this, it’s possible that you, like us, decided to go solo, pop your stamp on the world (even if a little part of it!) and strive for better.

Better quality, better service, seeing people as people and not just figures on a spreadsheet; having a place or product that people talk about for all the good reasons.

That’s what we want for you and what we want for us too…
So welcome again. You’ll know when you speak to us that we mean all of the above and that (a bit modest here too), we’re really good at what we do.

Please get in touch with us. No hard sell; no keeping you on the phone for hours; no small print or one time offers – it’s not the ‘Leodis Way’.
If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Our aim is simple!

To provide an environmentally conscious coffee with a range of planet-friendly products and coffee machines

Leodis Coffee Coffee Subscription

Biodegradable Packing

Leodis Coffee introduces an exclusive environmentally conscious coffee range, with biodegradable packaging on the outside and great blends on the inside.

Edenware Biodegradable Double Wall 12oz

Cups and Lids

All our single-use cups and lids are biodegradable. When you do need to use single-use, let’s do so within a planet conscious way. Expobar-Carat-Energy-Saving-2-Group-Traditional-Coffee-Machine

A+ Rated Coffee Machines

We have put together a range of A* energy rated coffee machines, saving you money and doing that little bit to help the planet.