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Cosy Organic Jasmin Green Tea – 20 Bags


Cosy Organic Chamomile Tea is the perfect fusion of floral tones and a hint of sweet liquorice, a cup of Cosy Chamomile tea is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. Naturally caffeine free for a delicious and relaxing alternative to black tea.

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Cosy Organic Jasmin Green tea is  wonderfully fragrant and deliciously refreshing. This blend is made with jasmine oil mixed with delicate Chunmee Green Tea which imparts a bright flavour, with a light tangy sweetness. The result is a light and warming brew enjoyed any time of the day.

So pop the kettle on and brew for a few minutes. Then, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing cup of Cosy Organic Jasmin Green Tea.

About Cosy Organic Tea.

The Cosy collection of organic tea features a variety of flavours including vibrant fruity infusions and delicious classics.  At Cosy every detail has been carefully considered, from the best flavour combinations and organic ingredients, right down to the packaging.

Cosy knows what matters most to tea drinkers and have created a range that’s loved by all. Each individually wrapped, unbleached bag comes with tags. The organic leaves in each bag bring the full depth of flavour into your cup. So, pop the kettle on, unwrap a tea bag and brew for a few minutes. Then sit back and relax with your delicious cup of Cosy Tea.

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