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Kalco Commercial Drink Maker, Frappe, Milkshakes, Smoothies

The Kalco commercial drink maker, frappe, milkshakes, and smoothies are small and compact and a must-have for all catering or food establishments serving drinks.

This commercial drinks mixer is ideal for milkshakes, frappes, smoothies & Freddo cappuccinos. This traditional Greek mixer is perfect for whipping milk into a foamy meringue style consistency which makes a creamy topping for frappes, freddos cappuccinos, milkshakes and smoothies.

The Kalco commercial drink maker features 2-position plastic hook holders that firmly hold the included stainless steel cup, while a 3kg metal weight in the base ensures great balance and stability while in use. Perfect for cafes, restaurants, delis & bars

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Sweetbird Caffe Frappe Non-Dairy Vegan Frappe Mix 2kg Tin

Made with rich Brazilian coffee and a touch of West African cocoa for added flavour and depth, our new Caffe Frappé blend is dairy-free, and approved by The Vegan Society. Simply blend with ice and any milk alternative to create a silky-smooth vegan friendly frappé.

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Sweetbird Cookies & Cream Frappe Mix 2kg Tin

Cookies & Cream frappé uses 12% real cookie crumb and pairs it with real vanilla extract to create this evocative mix. Each drink delivers malty cookies and cream hit in a cup. Both Cookies & Cream and Sticky Toffee frappès also make delicious Happès™ (hot frappès).

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Sweetbird Vanilla Bean Non-Dairy Vegan Frappe Mix
Sweetbird Vanilla Bean Non-Dairy Vegan Frappe Mix 2kg Tin

Sweetbird Vanilla Bean Non-Dairy Vegan Frappe Mix is made with real Madagascan vanilla bean extract, we have made our special blend non-dairy so it’s suitable for everyone. Delicious and versatile, it can be enjoyed as an ice-blended frappé on its own (made with fresh milk or non-dairy alternatives), or as the perfect base to create custom milkshakes and smoothies.

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