Leodis Premium Hot Chocolate 1Kg

Leodis Premium Hot Chocolate is the perfect chocolate mix for vending and coffee machines. The smooth and perfectly balanced hot chocolate is versatile and can be used for bean to cup coffee machines and vending machines or hand-blended with milk on a traditional style coffee machine.

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Ruby Hot Chocolate 94% Cocoa

Ruby Hot Chocolate Is about To Launch As One Of The Biggest New Drink Trends In The Market

Be one of the first to offer this delicious 94% cocoa-based chocolate!

A truly unique ruby chocolate drink powder perfectly matching the experience of solid ruby chocolate, both in taste and vibrant pink colour.

Ruby Hot Chocolate 94% Cocoa is not bitter, not milky, not sweet but RUBY!

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Zuma Mini Marshmallows 150g Bag

Zuma Mini Marshmallows 150g Bag is super tasty mini marshmallows.

Dress up your tasty drinks with these small, light and fluffy marshmallows. These super tasty mini marshmallows are great for home baking or for use in a commercial setting.

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