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Single Origin, Organic Award-Winning Coffee

Leodis Coffee Mexican Single Origin Organic Blend is an Award-Winning Gold Star blend that is a firm favorite of ours with its smooth, bright acidity and chocolate notes.

The coffee plantation is located in the Finca Aurora region of Southen Mexico.

The farm consists of two adjacent plots, 151 and 62 hectares (373 and 153 acres) respectively, varying in altitude from 900 to 1200 meters (2,953 ft to 3,937 ft) above sea level. Our commitment to nature is to preserve this delicate ecosystem of pristine fertile mountain terrain, creeks, and springs, the soul of Finca Aurora, and its surroundings. We work diligently to reduce our environmental impact to the bare minimum for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come.

The nearby pacific ocean blows its moist fresh air to nourish the coffee plantation, giving the coffee its unique taste. Finca Aurora is owned and managed by a family with a long history of growing coffee on these mountains as well as in the state of Chiapas.

The coffee farm lays at the heart of the Café Pluma Hidalgo area, first established as a coffee-growing region over 200 years ago and one of a handful to offer the coveted certificate of origin.

High on a plateau at 1,300 meters (4,265’) above sea level, La Aurora harvests its finest altitude Arabica Coffee, grown in the shade of this lush tropical rainforest, in Oaxaca’s western mountains.

Our Mexican blend is a single origin blend, organic, and is 100% arabica. This blend is a medium-light roast and beautifully balanced from start to finish with bright acidity, deep aroma, and sweet chocolate notes.

Tasting Notes: 

Bright Acidity, deep aromas, and chocolaty notes

Here’s what the judges:

A generally light roast, with a good dark chocolate aroma. It delivers balanced sweetness against a dry, drawn-out finish. It has a subtle smokiness that sits just on the right side of ashy. A well-balanced coffee that keeps the citrus and sour notes in check, but still retains some brightness.

Awarded with a Gold Star at The Great Taste Awards 2021

Biodegradable PackagingLeodis Coffee is proud to introduce an exclusive, environmentally conscious range, with 100% biodegradable packaging on the outside and great coffee blends on the inside.

We package all our own brand coffee in 100% biodegradable packaging, right down to the label. So, that means every part of the product (including any beans and ground waste of course) and its packaging can be composted.

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